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Livin' on a Prayer

Many of my recent wedding consultations have proved that couples are choosing a different running order for their special day. Twilight weddings are become increasingly popular; with a later ceremony, followed swiftly by reception drinks and dinner, the newlyweds and their guests can enjoy getting straight onto the after party.

Nothing beats a wedding as an excuse to let loose. It's a given that when the classic Bon Jovi guitar riff kicks in, the dance floor will fill and arms will be in the air as guests belt out they are 'half way there'. And with so many venues able to accommodate live bands and some incredible DJ's about, it's no wonder that music is many couples' top priority, after the main event.

The evening reception is a great opportunity for photos. People are more relaxed, they love interacting with you as the photographer and although there may be a lot of posing going on, it's not the awkward kind. As a photographer, I love seeing peoples' character's emerge and although the lighting may be a bit dodgy and the photos a little grainy, aren't photobombs, epic dance moves and selfies with the photographer exactly what weddings are all about? So why send your wedding photographer home after the first dance when the best is yet to come...?

With huge thanks to Michelle & Martin, Paula & Neil and all their fabulous guests for these memorable moments.

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