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Updated: Mar 17

Capturing an intimate wedding without getting in the way...

It can be tricky, as a wedding photographer, particularly one who likes to go unnoticed, to navigate a small, intimate wedding. With a scattering of only the most important guests, a perfectly petite venue with few places to hide and a fluid running order; it's difficult to go unseen and there is a fine balance between encroaching on a personal family event and coming across as a looming voyeur.

A laid wedding breakfast table bathed in light from a window

I hope, judging by the lovely comments I received from stunning bride Tamie, that I am walking this line somewhere close to the ideal.

My style is very candid by nature which means I like to move around the outskirts, observing and anticipating moments which are potentially meaningful to my couple, particularly those they may not have witnessed themselves. In smaller venues, it can be easy for guests to feel the photographer is on top of them and so I try to use all available corners, doorways and, at The Old Parish Rooms the fabulous balconies, to stay out of eyeline as much as possible. Moving regularly to different rooms or outside and secretly taking a few photographs gives guests time without the fear of constant gaze, but also provides an opportunity to take a few images which emphasise this observational view, highlighting the intimate atmosphere of the occasion.

The balance to this candid view comes through the close relationships I like to develop with my couples. I try to be completely myself from the outset, (although of course on my best behaviour) and if we gel when being ourselves then we are starting our journey together on an open footing where we can all be relaxed and enjoy the process.

This was exactly the case with Tamie and Dave who had their first meeting together at my house with the dog barking and my husband insisting on watching the last few minutes of the football as our meeting began. We immediately found out that Dave would far rather have been watching the football too and Tamie and I enjoyed discussed her beloved dog, Reggie and his important role in their day.

A bride and groom stand in front of their wedding venue. The groom hods their dog who is licking the brides face.

Having this easy connection is so important to me, as I often mention in my blog. This building of a relationship leads to an easiness on the wedding day which allows me to feel comfortable with checking in at appropriate times and offering suggestions and observations where useful to help the bride and grooms' day run smoothly. It is so important to me that they know I am there for them on every level and as invested in their day as they are.

Plus, I REALLY LIKE my couples, I feel all the emotions of the day for them; swelling with warmth as they prize on a tight wedding ring, often needing a tissue during the speeches; and their important people are important to me also! I want them to enjoy the day of celebration too and if that means checking in on a guest who doesn't know anyone or introducing myself with a cheeky comment to make someone feel more relaxed then I'm on it!

And whilst I am of course, working to capture the natural, truthful moments of the day, my - by this point I hope - friends, feel able to discuss with me the most important personal details that mean so much to them. A particular staged shot that is a tradition between friends, a gathering of a group for a multi-generational photo or a special reminder of a dearly missed loved one...

Whatever the challenges of photographing a wedding, big or small, there is nothing more special then being trusted to capture the most special of memories and making new friends in the process.

With huge thanks to Tamie & Dave for allowing me to share their special memories...

The team behind the bride & Groom...

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