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Motivation: why I love being a wedding photographer

Updated: Apr 4

I love my job! I have recently finished editing the beautiful wedding of Laura and Tom and been looking forward to sharing some images with you all. Having started my own wedding photography business 5 years ago with no real 'business skills', I have come to learn the importance of 'keeping my followers engaged' with my blog, but I have to say I do struggle with this as I am not naturally gifted at public speaking ( / writing) which I probably should have considered a bit more carefully when I left my job in special education back in 2019. This got me thinking about why I am doing what I do, as there are so many elements of being self employed that I find challenging!

A black and white photograph of a relaxed bride and groom kissing. The bride's veil is draped across the floor in front of them.
'The beautiful wedding.'

As well as having to navigate my lack of business acumen, the beginning of my career as a wedding photographer became even more challenging when we were thrown into lockdown a few short months after leaving my job. It has been a rollercoaster ever since trying to balance what actually seems to be 20 jobs rolled into one, all alone from my dining room table.

Don't get me wrong, I knew it would be hard work and I was willing to put in the effort to be able to do a job I was passionate about and which would keep my creative juices flowing; but I may have slightly

underestimated the many roles I would need to fulfil...

"Web design? Sure, no problem! I'm creative, I can whip up my own site to save a bit of cash, and keep it updated with content, reviews and pricing. Oh yes, pricing I must spend time researching my market so that I sit in the right place as affordable whilst still maintaining high standards. Hmmmm, I had better understand accounting then too otherwise my profit margins won't cover the time I've spent on research, admin, design, sourcing products and maintaining an online presence... Speaking of which I had better take that course on creating social media content and produce a list of ideas so that I have something to post every day to engage potential clients....

Hold up! Maybe joining one of those wedding directory sites will help me gain a wider audience and relieve the pressure of finding clients.... Errr fantastic meetings with my account handler, she has given me a great list of things I can do to improve my booking conversion rate... I'll get on to that myself as well and improve my sales technique whilst paying a hefty monthly fee for the privilege!

Okay, well I have few weddings this month to prepare for, editing mounting, enquiries to respond to which may or not be ignored and I haven't even thought about the washing yet this week.... have I hoovered...did I feed the children?"

If you are still reading after this rant, what I am really trying to say is that I am totally in awe of anyone who successfully manages to run their own business! How do you do it and still have hair?! I'm not sure myself but I can tell you why I do it.

I recently received the most simple, wonderful message from Groom, Tom:

Laura & Tom
Hey, I just wanted to let you know you captured the happiest moment in my life. This image you took is absolutely priceless to me [...] We're so grateful. Amazing work!

As I'm sure many creatives will agree, we are often filled with self doubt and after a long day of editing, I have been known to question if I am even any good at my job! So to have your clients/ new found friends take the time to send the kindest comments is absolutely the motivation to keep striving for perfection for people you genuinely want the best for.

As I'm sure all the other fabulous suppliers - credited below - will agree, these lovely people who were warm, appreciative and just perfect for each other are why we do what we do. We invest in their happiness as if we were part of the family because we care about them and take pleasure in being a tiny part of their love story. And here are a few of the images I hope will show this passion and the happiness we are lucky enough be part of:

The wonderful wedding suppliers:

Top class Venue: Apton Hall

Flawless hair & makeup: Amy Jane Lawrence MUA

Stunning floral design: Simply stunning flowers

Perfect wedding stationary, signage and design: The bride!

Scrummy Wedding cake: The Brides mother Bridal gown: Wed2b

Bridal shoes: Asos

Suits: Moss Bros

Bridesmaids dresses: Turner & Penell

With huge thanks to Laura & Tom, for making me feel so welcome on their wedding day and allowing me to share some of their most special moments. And to all my very special coupes who make my job such a pleasure, giving me the most wonderful motivation to keep doing what I do.

Happy 5 years of wedding photography to me!

Nicola x

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