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Wind in our sails

You probably wont be surprised to hear that I'll be quite glad to see the back of 2020! It was certainly unfortunate that I decide to launch my wedding photography business just in time for a global pandemic. However, there have been some pretty special moments of simple, effortless joy to remind us that we can still and in fact must, take pleasure from the journey, even if the road is rather bumpy.

So, here are some images of pure happiness which provide a positive parting with 2020, from the beautiful wedding of Mr & Mrs K at Rayleigh Windmill, Essex.

I was completely in awe of Sarah and Tom who decided on a modest and intimate lockdown ceremony of 9 with a live feed to family and friends. Despite some things not going quite to plan, the Bride & Groom took it all in their stride and made the very best of their special occasion.

The Rayleigh Windmill made for a unique venue; it's bijou ceremony room being just perfect for a micro-wedding and its giant sails and baronial structure making for some fabulous photographs.

The bride was stunning, bringing a stylish pop of colour and with her infectious smile, brightening what started out as a rather grey day. The groom and the couples' two beautiful boys were perfectly co-ordinated and incredibly smart. Their energy and spirit made for a fun and relaxed ceremony with plenty of laughter.

I felt very lucky to have been a part of such a wonderful celebration and to see the year out with positivity and love. I hope that we can all venture into the new year with wind in our sails and look forward to lots more happy times, like these, to come.

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