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The Icing on the Cake

I've posted a lot of images from this wedding recently so I thought it would make the perfect subject for a blog post...

The Thurrock Hotel was the venue for the beautiful wedding of Charlie and Adam back when I first became brave enough to agree to the overwhelming pressure of photographing the biggest day of a couples' life. I could never take the responsibility of such a task lightly and this wedding had a huge impact on my decision to take my work further in this direction.

The Bride and Groom had a wonderful outlook and a clear idea of what they wanted their special day to be. Leading up to the wedding, they always seemed calm and relaxed, despite the obvious huge amounts of time they had put into their preparations to make it incredibly personal. Lego top table centre piece and button holes, personalised colouring books and home made gin favours; so many thoughtful touches for family and friends which made it extra special. If all this planning had caused any stresses leading up to the wedding, they had certainly melted away by the big day and both Bride and Groom appeared to take it all in their stride and enjoy every second.

In fact, there was so much love in the air at Charlie & Adam's wedding, you couldn't help but capture it in every image. Never straying far from each other from the moment that they said their vows, it was a pleasure to observe and capture their complete happiness without having to intrude on it. This confirmed to me that I could work in a way that was comfortable for myself and others and proved that I didn't have to plan and direct; the most special moments are always spontaneous and natural. Warm and welcoming family members also made me feel totally at home and all in all, my day feel like a great day out rather than work.

The icing on the cake, (excuse the pun) was a show stopping first dance by the new Mr & Mrs B, which wowed the guests and made a great photo opportunity! They certainly showed us all how it should be done!

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