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It's been a very tricky few months for me, so I was thrilled to find out that a fantastic project I have worked on has been featured on Pretty & Punk Weddings! A fabulous team came together to make this happen (see below), and for a first attempt, I think it went pretty well! See what you think by viewing the full feature here.

Special thanks to Jenny @OutoftheEarthBespokeFlorist and Nicola @The_PaperOrchard who planned this with me and made everything look AMAZING! (see links for contact info)

Huge thanks also to the rest of the team who brought everything together with their

fantastic talents:

Gorgeous MUA, Deirbhile @bydeirbhileartistry - Wow cake maker, Rebecca @RTcakes

Fabulous stylist Harrison @hairy_son - Stunning model, Lauren @jamkayfashion

Beautiful pre-loved and vintage dresses, @rockthefrockprelovedessex

Incredible hand made gowns by @the_dressmaker_essex

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