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Grace & Mike

Emerging from lockdown is pretty scary but occasions such as the beautiful wedding of Grace and Mike remind us of just what we have missed as well as what was at stake and why we did it.

Finally, friends and relatives of all generations were safely reunited in celebration of the joining of two clearly, very close families - and what a special day it was. The sun shone gloriously on what had threatened to be a bit of a grey day (with the potential for a seated indoor reception); allowing guests to dance outside and enjoy a beautiful afternoon & evening together.

Heads were turned as Grace entered The Lion House; stunning in her long sleeved, V-neck gown with an incredibly elegant bouquet (created by the brides very talented mother @victoriagraceflowers) - and the beautiful moments continued throughout the day. The ceremony was full of love, the speeches overflowing with emotion and the reception a much needed party.

Every detail of this wedding was beautifully considered, from the naked wedding cake (@tallulahtamberinestreats) and blossoming flower arch, to the perfect photo favours (a particular favourite with me). Such simple, thoughtful pleasures are all the more treasured as a reminder of an occasion we no longer take for granted after months of lonely lockdown. An opportunity to get out of our pyjamas, to dress up and leave the house, to smile and have fun but most importantly to make and share memories with those we have kept safe by temporarily putting our important dreams aside.

Wishing this special family a very happy future together with many more wonderful moments to come.

All unmarked images ©NicolaParry ©TheSecretWeddingPhotographer

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